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  The Aryan Guard brand has been resurrected and restored to its original spirit.

  It's past time to start recruiting pro-Whites across Canada.

  We're looking for fine upstanding folks, not rabble-rousers or troublemakers.

  Don't talk shit you can't back up.

  Don't start fights.

  Violence is only acceptable in self-defense or defense of others.

  Focus on self-improvement. Education, employment, fitness, martial arts, etc.

Aryan Guard Code

  1. Our underlying creed is summed up in the Fourteen Words, We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and a Future for White Children.

  2. The name "Aryan" literally means "Noble". Thus, one who accepts the name "Aryan Guard" must be prepared to cultivate noble qualities in themself, such as: altruism, benevolence, compassion, courage, discipline, fidelity, honour, hospitality, industriousness, perseverance, self-reliance, truthfulness and wisdom.

  3. Keep the confidence of your kinsfolk. To be truthful need not mean to share sensitive secrets. Do not divulge information that could give a hostile entity any kind of advantage over yourself or a comrade or kinsfolk.

  4. Expose lies and false propaganda whenever possible. Most people live under the shadow of mass-media and are thoroughly brainwashed.

  5. If you obtain any information regarding an anti-White individual or organization, file it for future reference, and mention it to your comrades.

  6. Beware of requests for interview by the mainstream media. They will invariably skew and distort anything you say.

  7. Try to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

  8. Meditate whenever possible.

  9. Develop some sort of creative craft, whether as a hobby or a livelihood. This helps break away from the consumer-oriented society, to a small - yet significant - degree.

  10. Keep your home clean and tidy. Your abode will reflect your body and mind; so avoid filth and chaos.

  11. Do not litter or pollute. Try to help keep your neighbourhood clean and healthy.

  12. Help the needy whenever you can; but beware of scam artists and grifters who pose as needy in order to take advantage of your kindness.

  13. Do not be cruel to animals. Hunt only what you intend to eat and/or wear.

  14. Violence should only be used as a last resort. Try verbally warning off an assailant before striking them; give them a chance to back down and retreat.